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Clients & Testimonials

For over 35 years we have operated across the whole UK. Our objective is to perform at the highest of levels thus greatly appreciate feedback in order to respond with improvement of our service.

Chris Ingold Building:- Fume Hood System upgrade of the Turner Laboratory 201

There have been for many years fundamental problems with the fume hoods within the Turner Laboratory, which have been causing major concerns with the Lab operatives and users with the UCL Maintenance Team.

Last year a major failure occurred to the 4 fume hoods in late 2015, caused a major review of this situation to be undertaken.

After investigation it was decided to replace the existing ductwork and up-grade the flow monitoring on the hoods and to install fire trace, automatic fire extinguishing in the hoods.

The management of this project was always going to be difficult, as the new installation was to be undertaken whilst practical teaching was in progress. The project management was planned and executed to a high standard and very little disruption to the teaching of the chemistry students were observed, the disruption that was experienced was minor and was easily managed to the benefit of the Department, Students and the various Contractors who carried out these works.

The new installation ductwork was well planned and the benefits to the Turner are now apparent. These include: better air movement with the space, giving the Lab a much better quality, the fume hoods are more efficient giving savings in energy, which benefits the College as whole and the Chemistry department’s commitment to green energy policy.

We have now used the Laboratory for a class of 120 outreach students and the air quality and extraction has worked to the new specification.

In conclusion benefits to the department in terms of a safer working environment, benefits to energy saving and the reduction in maintenance time are all plain to see.

ALAN PHILCOX, Chemistry Teaching Laboratories Manager Co-ordinator

Work was done efficiently, on schedule and accommodating our use of the labs. Good friendly communication-emails were always answered promptly.

RACHEL HADI-TALAB, Institute of Education

Gary Heyburn of fume cupboard doctor has for many years looked after our fume cupboards at School of Pharmacy University of Brighton. He has provided a reliable and reasonably priced service and I have no problems recommending his company.

BOB SAVAGE, Technical Resources Manager, PABS, Brighton University

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