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Fume Cupboard Doctor provides installation & repair services to any scale.

There will be NO COMPROMISES when it comes to safety, FCD have great pride in this promise.

Not every modern FC meets the individual users’ preference, therefore FCD will adapt & overcome whilst keeping the product safe, as safety and protection are most vital when it comes to laboratory equipment.

FCD offers a variety of routes to best meet COSHH & British Standards.

The users’ safety always comes first.

It is a legal requirement in the UK for all Fume Cupboards & Ducting to be tested under COSHH regulations annually (14 months maximum interval), we are always certain to meet the criteria of the regulations and British Standards.

FC & LEV testing is critical to ensure the safety of users at source & the fumes are being dispersed correctly.


The duty for employers and safety advisors is to implement controlled measures for the continued safety of working with hazardous substances.

The environment must always be considered and protected from the negative effects of chemical fumes entering the atmosphere.



We offer visits to evaluate & assess all breakdown aspects & will advise any other essential improvements that must be made. 

We can provide repair pricing rapidly without the need of a further visit.


Many minor repairs will be completed on site Free Of Charge when we are responsible for your Fume Cupboard.

Upon completion we also produce full certification.


We specialise in introducing brand new facilities as well as upgrading existing instals.

On occasion the existing extraction systems can be improved rather than replaced therefore the only requirement would only be to replace the outdated Fume Cupboard.

We champion a European designed FC, produced within the UK & sold at the same price as the supplier.

The 'Complete Package' is our Unique Selling Point.

This consists of :

  • Fume Cupboard Installation

  • Fan Installation

  • Extraction System Installation/Modification

  • Commissioning/Annual Testing

  • Building Works 

  • Any Other Requirements

We are extremely flexible with design to suit the needs of each individual establishment.


We at Fume Cupboard Doctor are trustworthy advisors, engineers & installers.

Our experience & expertise has regularly been utilised to advise both designs and installations by many Universities, Colleges & Schools as well as Research Centres.

We are responsible for over 1000 Fume Cupboards across the UK and constantly eager to expand.

Industrial FCs are of interest to us although they are currently only a small percentage of our workload.

We are involved with various consultants who utilise our knowledge at the design phase and try to include us in the package as they trust us from design to commission, without any doubts.

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